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  1. ATM is abbreviation for "automated teller machine"
  2. ABM is abbreviation for "automated banking machine"
  3. Automated teller machines are used by means of debit cards and credit cards provided to the customers of any bank who maintain savings or current deposits called as demand deposits. In order to use such debit cards and credit cards, the users need PIN number and the PIN number consists of four numerical digits (in India) and the user has to keep the PIN number in a confidential manner. Once the card is inserted into the card slot, on prompted by the machine, the user has to key in PIN number and when the server connected to the machine recognizes the user, permits the user to perform the desired transactions. The user can perform the following transactions - Cash withdrawal; Mini statements generation; Balance verification; Change of passwords etc.,

ATM advantages

  1. பணப்பொறி
  2. தாவருவி



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